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Digital marketing strategy

In the modern age of business and technology, a strong digital marketing strategy is crucial to the success of organizations. Companies need to devote significant resources to developing a unique marketing strategy that gives them a competitive edge in their field.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

The digital marketing strategy refers to the general plan of the business to gain prospects from the digital menu and to turn them into customers for the products and services of the business.

A digital marketing strategy includes a set of specific goals, which are achievable in the online environment, and a process by which businesses can reach customers through various digital platforms, bringing a positive income and constantly improving the conversion rate.

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Why do you need a digital marketing strategy?


1. You have more clarity and a point of reference

In digital marketing you have a lot of communication channels considered (website, social media, PPC, organic searches, advertorial, etc.) and many people to target, which is why a well-defined, simple and targeted digital marketing strategy , will clearly determine what needs to be taken into account when implementing the plans.


2. Address the target audience directly

Every business knows how to talk about its products and services and brag about how good they are. Unfortunately, this is not what your audience needs to hear. They want to know what problems you can solve with your solutions and how they will make their lives easier and help them achieve their goals.


Strategia de marketing ia în vedere tendințele și schimbările la nivel global și în domeniul tău de activitate, oferind o privire de ansamblu a modalității de a face marketing eficient.


3. Stop spending money in the wrong places

Without a clear plan of action, it is very tempting to throw money left and right in marketing, and this is nonsense.


Successful marketing requires building a recognized and trusted brand. It’s about consistency, communicating regularly and ensuring that your messages are heard by the right people.

Having a defined marketing strategy prevents you from wasting effort, time and money and ensures that your budget is planned and allocated correctly. Each campaign aligns with the main objectives that have been designed to deliver results in the short, medium and long term.


The marketing strategy takes into account trends and changes globally and in your field of activity, providing an overview of how to do effective marketing.


4. Keep your business consistent and relevant

Every piece of information you publish in the name of your business must be immediately recognized as belonging to your brand and at the same time belong to it. At the same time, it must be revealing and of interest to your customers and prospects.


With a digital marketing strategy, this is achievable because you are addressing your audience correctly, their concerns, fears, needs, and you know exactly how to create engagement and favorable results.


5. Set goals and measure ROI

When you don’t have a clear direction, vision and plan, you end up “going like the wind blows”, which will lead to business failure. You may see some results here and there, but you have not set clear goals and so you will not know how to measure your return on investment.


A marketing strategy outlines a direction and a battle plan meant to help your business grow sustainably and become recognized in the market, ultimately being profitable.

“The purpose of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service suits him and sells itself”

– Peter Drucker

What is the process of creating a digital marketing strategy?

The Vincit team provides you with a digital marketing strategy suitable for your business plan, following a well-defined process consisting of 4 main stages:

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1. Marketing audit

We perform an audit of your business through which we analyze and evaluate the media elements owned, paid and earned.

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2. Market Research

We analyze the market, competition, customer problems, risks and opportunities specific to the industry in which you operate.

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3. Define your target market

We establish the characteristics of the audience and the target audience, in order to define the direction and the ways of communication, the values, the benefits, etc.

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4. Create Strategy

We implement the strategy that includes the marketing plan, objectives, tools, sales funnel and processes to be implemented.

Let’s do this!

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We design strategies and tactics to attract customers, to make them loyal

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