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Facebook Ads Services

Our challenge services through the Facebook Ads platform help your business, increasing the number of followers, improving lead generation and increasing sales.

Generate Profit Using Facebook Ads Services!

Cu peste 3 miliarde de utilizatori și date în continuă expansiune, platforma de advertising Facebook continuă să fie în topul priorităților de marketing pentru numeroase afaceri care doresc în continuare să își crească vizibilitatea, comunitatea și vânzările.

Unfortunately, thousands of businesses fail to take advantage of the many options and promotion systems that the Facebook network provides. Facebook promotion is not a mystery, but one of the most effective tools for online sales, registration and attracting new customers, if used properly.


Attract, Convert and Sell!

We will analyze your business and come up with clear solutions to improve your sales strategy and funnel.

Subsequently, we will use our package of knowledge, techniques and experience to create impact campaigns to attract your target audience, convert them into your customers, and then generate sales for your business.

Immediate results!

Unlike offline promotion, with the help of Facebook Ads promotion you will get immediate results, concrete results that we can measure and analyze. The speed and ease of creating ads gives us the opportunity to test, analyze and optimize our promotion campaigns until we reach the desired ROAS.

Why use our Facebook Ads promotion services?

Both our services and the promotion on Facebook offer you many benefits:

• access to one of the largest and most active social networks in the world;

• competitive costs per click (CPC): 0.95 lei on average;

• creating ads specifically targeted to the target audience;

• obtaining qualified leads at an average cost of 6 lei per lead;

• using remarketing ads to reconnect with website visitors;

• we quickly reach 1000 users with an average cost (CPM) of 30 lei.

Also, by using our Facebook Ads services, you get the following benefits:

• tips from professionals in Facebook Ads;

• competitive strategies, always based on what currently works;

• advanced knowledge about competitors;

• actionable reports and tips that inform your team to improve strategies;

• advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve campaigns.


Planning and Setting

Following the analyzes and based on the marketing strategy, we start with budget planning, account setting and campaigns.

Creating and Testing

We design the “fancy” ads and test various variables until we find the winning version, specific to your business.


We analyze the performance of the ads based on the most important indicators and we make sure that everything is functional and ready.


We optimize the account using specific methodologies, identifying successful creatives and incorporating data obtained from other sources.


Marketing Strategies

strategii de marketing

We design strategies and tactics to attract customers, to make them loyal

Online Advertising

online advertising

We attract new customers through paid promotional campaigns


creare continut 1

We write messages for the target audience according to the context in which they are

Management and Growth

analiza performanta

We manage business marketing campaigns and accounts

Content creation

creare continut

We attract potential customers through paid promotional campaigns

Email Marketing

email marketing

We accelerate the achievement of results through automated email marketing solutions

Testing and Optimization

testare si optimizare

We test, analyze and optimize every stage of the customer journey

Technical Services

search engine optimization

We offer integrations and technical solutions that simplify and make work more efficient

Top Consultancy

marketing si vanzari

We offer marketing consulting to achieve your goals

Let’s do this!

Drop us a quick message and get a 30-minute Strategy Session with a marketing consultant from the VINCIT team.